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Hi and welcome to our about page. My name is Sam Clark and I created win win only based on the fact of what is going on in the advertising and digital world we now live in. I started marketing online about 12 years ago and have owned a couple different companies that were marketing oriented. Today, with the rapid changes going on in our world, I saw the need for a system that would allow business owners to grow their restaurants.

I have lived in Maine most of my life and have a real passion for the small business owner who is realizing his or her dream to own their business and be successful. My entrepreneurial spirit started the young age of 10 when I ran a vegetable stand on the side of the road in Winslow, Maine. Since then, I have experienced both the entrepreneurial world as well as the corporate world. My desire is to complete a mobile based business that can be operated from anywhere in the world.

I have 3 associate degrees including one in Culinary Arts. I worked in restaurants from the age of 18 to about 27.. I love food and cooking so it made total sense for me to  work with restaurants. It is not an easy business, and today it has become even tougher with all the competition from large franchise companies. I started looking for options for smaller restaurants to be able to compete with these giants. Thus Win Win Only was born .

After spending the better part of a couple years at looking at ways to help local restaurants grow their business, I have developed systems that restaurants can employ and increase their sales substantially.

I am looking forward to working with business owners like you, and helping them build their revenue and customers.

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Find out how you can implement these systems in your restaurant to increase revenue upwards of 30% or more. By combining the Contact Reach solution along with either the Birthday Club or The Coupon System, you will have more customers coming in more often.

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