And The Best WordPress SMTP Plugin In 2019 Is MailEngine

Mailengine the Best WordPress SMTP Plugin

I Have Been Using MailEngine Now For 3 Months And It Is The Best WordPress SMTP Plugin Available.

As a member of the ImBuyers Club we get access to most of the software that is created by Cyril Jeet and Tekniforce. I had been buying some of his software before I joined the club, and loved most of it. MailEngine came out April of 2019 and it solves many issues associated with having a mailer inside of Word press.

I have been using this plugin now for a few months and I LOVE It. It ties in with Google's Api and is a great addition to my WordPress sites. 

Email Deliverability for Marketers Has Dropped Like a Rock 

Email Deliverablility has fallen

Cyril Jeet nails it with this WordPress email plugin. 

If you do any email marketing online, then you are well aware of how most email is now falling into the promotions folder. 

When ISP's see promotional email, with the same link going out over and over, they are able to detect this and re-route the email and send it to the promotional folder. This is a nightmare for email marketers as more often than not, especially on phones, people are not opening that email. 

You are able to Mail With Gmail + GSuite Account & Get A Powerful Boost In Your Email Marketing.

The 4 major features here are...

1. Mail Using Gmail / GSuite
2. Every mail you send is unique
3. Uniquify the URL in every mail
4. In-built Spam words checker

Email clients like GMail, Yahoo etc have quite sophisticated algorithms to work with incoming mails.

One of the primary signals for them is the mail volume. How much email did they receive of a certain type, and how did the receivers react to it.

Based on the recipient response the emails are classified and put in either Inbox, Updates or Promotions.

Gmail Is Killing Your Sales By Taking The Inbox Away From You

You hit Gmail with thousands of emails, all with the same text and the same URL and it immediately knows that it's a marketing email.

Your emails hardly ever make it to the Inbox.

If you are lucky, you end up in Updates, but most of the time you’re in Promotions, and on too many days, in Spam.

MailEngine Forces Gmail To Give You The Inbox With Its 'Uniquifier' System

MailEngine Forces Gmail To Give You The Inbox With Its 'Uniquifier' System

MailEngine makes Gmail think that every email that you send is unique (not a marketing email). You get more opens and clicks thanks to MailEngine's "Uniquifier" technology.

Designed by experts who have years of experience in email marketing and have struggled with every single problem that you face in Email marketing today.

The best part is we have MailEngine in Our Club where you can get it for free as part of your membership. To buy the pro version right now it would cost $127.00.

4 Unique Aspects To This WordPress Mailer Plugin

Use Gmail To Mail Out
Spin Content in Email
JavaScript Redirection Feature 3
Built in Spam Detector

Here is a video on how this WordPress Email Client Plugin works

And here is the full featured list of what you can do and why this makes it the best wordpress email plugin you can find.

Full feature list of wordpress mail plugin

As you can see this is the best wordpress email plugin you will find with features you can not find anywhere else. To get access to this plugin, join our crowd funding software club here.

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