Most independently owned restaurants do not realize one really important aspect that they are missing out on and it is costing them dearly in potential profits.

Most restaurant owners are focused on bringing in new customers to their restaurant, which in itself is a good thing. However, what I and many others have found, is most restaurants are NOT doing a very good job of marketing to the customers who already love them and eat at their establishments.

How Much Money are You Leaving On The Table?

Restaurants Are Leaving Money On The Table

When I sit down with a Restaurant owner or manager, I am NOT doing a sales pitch. What I try to convey, based on the answers that they give me, is a specific number that I can pinpoint and show the owner. There are enough slick salesmen out there pushing the latest and greatest ways of generating business. Me? I like numbers. Numbers don't lie.

Most times when I get answers to the questions that I ask restaurant owners, I can easily show them where they are leaving money on the table. Depending upon  your restaurant, and how many transactions you have a month, and how much your average transaction is,  I can pinpoint how to increase sales typically upwards of $50,000 a year or more by doing one thing in their business.

Focus On Your Current Customers!

Yup, Focus on the ones who come in on a regular basis. Let's do a little math, shall we?

If you do about 2000 unique transactions a month and you average $25.00 a customer, and you can entice 50% of them to come in 1 more time a month, that would be $25,000 MORE A month coming into your business. But let's back up the 50% and just say 10% of them come back 1 more time a month. That would equal $5000.00 more a month. Which is $60,000 More a year.

Now a 10% increase is VERY achievable from your current customers.

So would $60,000 a year improve your bottom line a bit?

If you want to sit down and run your numbers together, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch. And it doesn't matter if you live in Ecuador or East Berlin, The technology today will allow us to work together through video and audio software.


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