How to Attract Customers to My Restaurant

IF you are asking "How to attract customers to my restaurant?", then you need to read this and implement it.

First, and foremost, put together a system of collecting customer data. What do I mean by this? People who have already visited and enjoyed your restaurant probably will be coming back at some level of frequency.

It is MUCH easier to get someone who already loves your food, to come back again. However, if you have no follow up system to communicate with them, then you are left at the whim of what I call HOPE marketing. You hope they will come back! This is no way to run a business, however, most restaurants I have searched online and/or worked with, have no communication system in place other than a contact form on their website.

Competition is fierce and there are lots of choices for people when it comes to eating out. Why are they going to choose you over your competitor?

If you have a system in place to contact your customers on a regular basis, then you have the competitive edge over other restaurants.

Here at Win Win Only we help restaurants like yours set up systems to build a database of customers that will allow you to communicate with them through email and text. I highly recommend you contact us ASAP and find how we do this and how it will impact your business.

Once your systems for collecting customer info are in place, it is time to drive NEW customers into your restaurant. In the past, businesses have taken out ads in newspapers and used advertising such as Val-packs, and also if your budget allows, radio and tv ads. The problem with this is they are just not very effective today, and there is no way to track how your marketing dollars are working for you.

If I wanted to know "How to attract customers to my restaurant?" then I would put a chunk of my ad dollars into Facebook ads. Facebook allows me to target specific people within 15 miles (radius to be determined) of my restaurant. However, I would hire someone to do this for me such as Win Win Only. 🙂

Therefore, we named our company Win Win Only. Our systems are designed to help restaurants not only market better to their existing customers, but also to attract new customers using 2 very specific programs. Additionally, the program tracks all stages of the campaign so you know what your marketing dollars are returning in sales.

Birthday marketing is one of our systems to acquire new customers for your restaurant. We have designed software that ties in with Facebook so we can target people who have upcoming birthdays in your area. We design a coupon ad for your restaurant which offers the birthday person a FREE birthday dinner. They see the ad and sign up for your offer. Guess what? They are not going out to celebrate their birthday by themselves! They are going to bring family and friends with them.

The National Restaurant Association says 70% of Americans go out to eat on their birthdays. They also say that typically they are your biggest spenders. So, if you are asking how to attract customers to my restaurant, then contact us to set up a Birthday Club Marketing System. We limit the number of birthday clubs in a specific area so we do not saturate the market. We cannot guarantee it is available in your area, but please contact us to find out.

Secondly, we also have what we call the Coupon Marketing System. This is like the birthday marketing system above. To attract new customers, we once again run ads on Facebook and create a specific coupon for your business. We target your local area and display the ads to these people. They sign up for your special offer, we then email and text them reminders to come in and redeem the coupon. Everything is tracked so that you know exactly how many people signed up and how many people used the coupon. Once they have redeemed it, we add them to your customer database. Now you can follow up with them as a regular customer.

Everyone likes to save money and likes special deals. By creating birthday offers or coupon deals for your restaurant and by targeting your audience on Facebook, you will have a consistent stream of new customers to your business.

The best part is, through this system, you will know your ROI through these marketing efforts. Remember, we are Win Win Only. Our systems are designed to bring you a greater return then the investment in our systems. If not, then what is the point? It's got to be a win win for both of us. However, you will find that the profits you earn using our systems will far outweigh the cost of implementing them.

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