, OMG AppsKit Pro Added To The Club, Founding Positions Almost Gone


You had recently looked at the offer for the ImBuyersClub through Win
Win only.

The founding positions are almost gone so if you want in, now is the
time to act for 3 big reasons.

1. Save $30 a month (yup price is going up)

2. Get access to founding members software

3. Be able to become an affiliate (this is a VERY Easy sell as what we
have is super high valued). Only founders can be affiliates 🙂

Exclusive aspects in all 3.

Refresh Yourself!

And today he just added 10 licenses to Apps Pro-Kit… See the Apps
Pro-Kit here 

This launch has been happening the past few days and over 300K has
been generated…Why? Because it is a kick-butt application and you
can get it as part of the club.

Here is a quick refresher on the Club.

It is a brand new software club that gets you to access to some of the
best digital marketing software you can find.

Karl, the owner, buys resell rights, Agency rights, VA rights and more
to the best of the best software. Typically those rights come with a
price tag of $297 or more…

This allows him to add them to the club and we get access to them for
ONLY $37/mo

You can go buy AppsKitPro for $97 or get it in our club today for $37

Now if he added just one software a month, it would STILL be worth it
(Everzippy was $134 when it launched with the version we have).

But he adds 8-12 new software and tools each month.

This has saved me a ton of money and also feeling like I missed out on
launches that I would have liked to purchase.

No more worrying about that for this boy 🙂

In September Karl added some incredible software that I am currently
using including MaxFunnels, Everzippy (automated webinar software) and
many more.

I suggest you come to take another quick look and get your butt in the
club for the 3 big reasons I gave you above.

And hurry because I am grabbing one of the AppsKit Pro licenses so
there are only 9 left 🙂

Get in the club here!


Sam Clark


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