The Most Important Email That Impacts YOUR Future. Read it ALL


Welcome to a new decade. It is hard to believe that 2020 is here and another year, and another decade has come.

Block out 10 minutes and print this out and read the entire email. This is critical to your future and will be the most important and have the greatest impact in your life this year.

Many people make a proclamation that this year they are going to do things differently, they are going to lose weight, they are going to exercise and many resolutions are made in peoples lives.

It goes to show that inherently we want things to be better in our lives in one way or another. The sad reality is 85% of resolutions are broken before the first month has completed.

I have never really understood the idea that Jan 1 has some mythical magic that gets people motivated to make a change in their lives. Seriously I just don’t get it. A date on a calendar is not what is going to motivate anyone to make a change in their lives. It is kind of funny, but we all buy into it.

So what was your resolution 7 days ago? Did you make one? Did you keep it?

I know for many of us there is a level of dissatisfaction with our jobs and how we spend our time. I used to think money was the cure all to many problems, and to a degree it can certainly fix some things that may be lacking in our lives. However, as I have grown older, (I am 54) it is time that really is what I want more than money. However, this system we live in requires money to be able to spend the time doing what I want to do.

So let me ask you…

If money was no object, and you had plenty without worrying about bills and how that money was coming in, what would YOU Do?

I would love to hear. Take a few minutes and let me know. Email me at and share you thoughts.

It is really important to answer that question.

You see, it is almost impossible to reach that answer without knowing what it is.

Today, take 10 minutes of your day and simply write out what it is that you really want.

If money was no object…what would YOU do? What would your day look like?

By knowing this, you can begin to really look at how your life is set up, where it is going, and where it is not. 

I am going to share my plan on how exactly I will get to where I want to go. Please read through and see how to develop a plan of attack for what you want.


I want to be riding my motorcycle daily. In the winter I want to be in a warm climate and be able to jump on my motorcycle and my woman jumps on hers and we simply take off riding for the day. Exploring, taking pictures, taking walks, breathing the fresh air as we cruise down the highways of the world at 70 miles an hour with the wind blowing through our hair and we take in the beauty of this world.

So what do I need to get there?

I certainly do not need to make millions to have that lifestyle. It is pretty simple actually. I don’t care about fancy cars, and houses. I know what I want.

You have to KNOW what you want first before you can make the next step. 

It is REALLY important to write this out. Please do so and send it to me. I would love to hear from you.

Do it today.

I am here and I will listen to YOUR dream.

I will encourage you to go after it.

I will talk to you one on one and help you discover the BEST way for YOU to get there.


It’s really affordable to book an hour with me 🙂 and completely worth it 🙂

So once you identify what it is that you want, you can make a plan to get there. 

For me it sort of looks like this…

  1. I need to make  4K/mo that is mostly automated and residual to allow me to put gas in my bike, to buy food, to pay for airbnb and housing as we travel, and to cover some basic bills.
  2. My “Job” will need to be mobile and allow me to work while I am traveling.
  3. It has to be something that when built, only needs to be maintained so I can enjoy most of my time with my woman and riding on our motorcycles.

That’s it…

Now I know what I need to do…I have clarity.

Next is a realistic time frame and figuring out what skills I will need to develop to get there.

Also what potential businesses can I do that will allow me to make money in a way that grows and is residual or automated. (hint…The IMBUYERSCLUB has EVERYTHING you NEED

A job will not allow me to do this, so I need to find a way to build a business or multiple businesses that will allow the above.

A long time ago i started to develop online skills and now I have many skills today that I can use to make the above happen. Now I just need to find the right vehicles to get there. (you have to develop skills that people want and will pay for first)

Also I have made many mistakes and have learned what does not work so I can avoid some businesses right away.

Next what is the exact dollar amount I need to make my current dream of spending most of my time on a motorcycle cruising around the US and Mexico (it is warm and cheap to live in Mexico and I know I can live there 6 months a year a lot cheaper than in the United States). 

I need a financial target!

My target is $4,000 a month

I have cleared all my debt…

I do not have a house payment…

We own our house here in Maine, but it is too dam cold to live here from October-May.

I do not have a car payment…

We have our motorcycles and they are paid for and ready to go.

I have worked hard (yes at jobs) in my life to get to this point.

I have raised 2 kids and they are adults so that responsibility is done.

Time is ticking…

Already 7 days of this year have come and gone…

What am I going to do today to help me reach that target of $4k a month.

I really want this…

I will do what it takes…

I have one business that is slowly growing me a residual income, but it is not enough to reach my goal by October of 2020. 

Yes, I set a date to reach this goal…I must do what it takes to reach it.

What is the consequence if I do not reach this goal? I will have to spend another cold, long winter in Maine. NO FREAKING WAY…

There is my motivator

All my focus and attention goes into finding how to reach this goal.

What skills and tools do I have to help me reach this goal?

I need to write them down. 

Wow…I have all the tools I will EVER Need (Check) 

The ImBuyersClub has over 200 tools, hosting, autoresponders, landing page builders, video tools, and many businesses I can start all within the membership. 

It’s the best $37.00 I have EVER spent Online! It is the foundation to help me reach my goals.

Ok, lets look at those tools and explore how I can use them to develop more income.


I like making videos and local businesses need video ads and promotions. (Check) (there are multiple tools to make videos in the Imbuyersclub.)

I will start making some videos for local businesses and give them away to start and draw interest. I will use Viddyoze as one of the ways to make videos. It makes amazing videos fast and it is in the club. There are LOTS of business that need videos. Their facebook pages and engagements are dismal. I can help with that and I know video works. 

If i send out 40 short videos to 40 businesses, I am sure 2-4 of them are going to love them, need them, and will hire me to make more. This is going to take time. But I have till October to build customers I can help and once I have them, It will only take an hour a month per client to make the videos. That works…


That should bring in $200/mo per customer = $800  (this is super cheap for the customer and helps me get to my goal–Its a WIN WIN)

With the monthly residual from ImBuyersClub, that brings me to about $1000 a month in ongoing income.

The video business takes me about 1-2 hours per month per customer, so I lose up to 8 hours a month to make $800. I can live with that. I am worth $100/hour for sure. 

Ok so next month I will add 4 more clients and that will bring me to roughly $1600/mo in ongoing income, plus I will work at sharing the Imbuyersclub with more people as I go through my day on Facebook.

That will help bring my income up to around $400/mo in the club which = $2k a month. (I am now 1/2 way there and it is only March 🙂 )

Ok what else can I do?


Karl just added AdaComply to the Imbuyers Club. Here is a golden opportunity to help businesses. There is a HUGE opportunity here right now in 2020. There is a law called the American Disabilities Act. And there are law suits happening daily to make business websites be accessible to people with disabilities. Most businesses have NO idea about this. I will set up a website to share some info about this and then use the tools in the Club to email businesses daily to share about this law and how it could impact their business. They could be sued and thousands are NOW being sued. 

I can help them solve this problem...

And get paid to do it…

From what I see, it is really easy to do. I simply add their website to the back end of ADACOMPLY (which is in the imbuyers club) and generate a code for them to put on their website. It will take me maybe 15 minutes to do this. Plus I can automate the emails so that is another 5 to 10 minutes a day. 

If I sent out 100 emails, I am sure 3-5 will sign up once I send them info on what is going on. So I will need to develop an automated email sequence to send out to these businesses explaining what is going on and how I have the solution.

Ahhh, I already have solutions to send out automated emails to local businesses in the club. Another great tool that is part of my membership 🙂

It will cost them at least $200 for this service. 5 customers a month at $200 = $1000.00 — that should be easy to achieve.  50 emails a day = 1500 businesses a month I am contacting. ( I will probably make MUCH more than 1k)

Now I am up to $3000…(Almost there)

5 X 15 minutes is another 1 hour and 15 minutes a month….Plus maybe another 1 hour a week emailing..

So with the above business and this one…I am looking at around 13 hours a month to make $3000 (however that is $230/hr)

This leaves me with a lot of time to ride my motorcycle around the US and Mexico. Woot Woot!

$1000 to go…

I got this…

Oh….I am a terrific coach and love helping people…


I am going to set up a training program. 

BIG Problem though…

This is very time consuming and to make another $1k through coaching, will take away too much motorcycle riding time…running a coaching program is way to time consuming, been there done that.

Bag that…But I will offer 1 on 1 consultations for a fee and help people that way.

Ok, so how to get up to another 1k?


Karl at Imbuyersclub pays me $9.25 per person per month. That is not much, however it is RESIDUAL and people don’t leave the club once they join. In 5 months ONLY 2 have left.

So how many do i need to make another 1k monthly all automated? Imbuyers Club is residual 🙂 Love that. Help someone find the club once, and get paid over and over for it. PERFECT…

And I know from being in the Club the past 5 months, that this is a great way to help people make money. It is a Win Win. 

I promised myself that I would ONLY engage in businesses that are WIN WIN ONLY. Everyone wins or NO DEAL.

Ok I pull out my calculator…

1000 / $9.25  =  108

So I need 108 more people to join the club to bring me another 1k.


That should be easy as the club is such an amazing deal and has EVERY tool anyone could need to build an online business. Plus there are tons of business opportunities right inside the club too for people to reach their goals. Everything I am doing is through the tools in the club and I am making 3K a month now 🙂


It is Jan 7th. 

Pull out the calculator again…

It is 10 months to October…

I need 108 more sign ups for the Imbuyers club.

In 10 months there is roughly 300 days till October.

That comes out to 1 new member every 2.7 days.

I got this…

Facebook groups is really time consuming to get new members…I will not spend time there as I have already done that and it did not work well.

How about a Facebook ad? Or I find groups where people are already buying softwares like I have?

What about a Youtube ad?

What about buying leads? That’s right..I am sitting on about 300 leads I can start contacting that I already purchased. All these people WANT a home based business. BAM….

I will also explore ways to automate this process where I can run ads and find winning ads and track them. I will make reviews of the tools in Karl’s program and post them on my website and on Youtube. That will bring traffic and sales as well.

Also, I can simply run the ads and hop on my bike and go ride for the day. While I am out riding I will receive new leads and orders while I am riding for all my businesses…However, I will need to wait till my income is higher before investing in Ads. Ok should be ready to run ads in April or May. This will accelerate my goal of finding 108 people to join the club. Cool…

Using the tools in the club I am able to automate most of all my business.

I know by October I can make my goal of 4K a month. 

Yes I will need alot of  time now till October to build this…

However,  I know what I want and this is the best way to get there.

I am willing to work hard now so by October, I will be free to jump on my motorcycle, my woman Kimberly jumps on hers, and we head out on a 8 month riding trip through the US and Mexico and back to the Us and come back to Maine in May or June when the weather is nice. 

This is my plan.

Now It may not go perfectly. I will run into bumps in the road.

I will have to make adjustments.

However, I know this can be done and I will get it done.

My goal is very important to me and my woman.

I will not waste time.

I will stay focused on my goals.

Time is precious. No time to watch sports right now, no time to surf facebook, no time to watch TV. 

Everyday I will do something that brings me closer to these goals.

I will check at the end of each week, and month to see how I am doing and make the adjustments I need to make.

Are you seeing how YOU might do this?

What is your goal?

What do you want?

Do you need help?

Email me right now and say YES.

Yes…You will need to pay me for my direct one on one time…

However, I promise it will be worth it.

I will help you get clarity.


No matter what you do, you will need the tools and resources that are there.

Plus you can make some money from sharing it with others.

It is the #1 investment you can make that will help you reach your goals.

Do it now. It is $37/mo to help you make thousands. There are soooo many businesses you can do from inside the club. I will help you figure out the best way to use the club.

If you want a one on one with me. Send an email to and put one on one in the subject line.

You can also text me at 207-808-0892

Lets get you a plan of action and a way to get there. 

This is the way to success!

Identify the skills you need, the tools you need…

And each day define the steps YOU need to take to reach whatever goal you would like to reach.

It’s YOUR life…It’s YOUR Goal…It’s YOUR DECISION.

I can help….but YOU need to make the decision to do this.

Where are you going to be in October of 2020?

Same place you are now?

Or will you be cruising your motorcycle towards YOUR goals?

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.

Maybe it is time to take that 10 minutes. Turn off the freaking phone. Turn off the computer…

Take a good ole pen and paper and WRITE DOWN what you want.

Then get a hold of me and I will help you get there.

You will pay me for my advise and coaching. I will show you what to do and how to get to YOUR goals.

My time is ticking and it is valuable 🙂 and so is YOURS.

I hope this motivates you to STOP and write down what you want.

I hope you are sick and tired of NOT being where you want to be and are ready to take the steps YOU need to take to make YOUR life what YOU want. 

Life will dictate to you or you will dictate your life. It is all a choice.

I know what my goals are and exactly how I am going to get there. I will dictate MY future. 

I have a tool that keeps me on track everyday and lets me see how I am doing and how I will get to my goals.

Are you ready?


Turn off your phone, turn off your computer, take out a pen and paper. Put a do not disturb sign on your door and just write down what you want, how much you need to make and then email me or text me.

Sam Clark


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