Having a Birthday Club At Your Restaurant is Smart Business!

Have you been to any of the major chain restaurant sites? They all have a birthday club. Why? 70% of Americans eat out on their birthday. They also usually go out with a group of family and or friends. The national restaurant association reports that people who go out on their birthday spend way more then your average customer.

Like I said above, the national chains have all figured this out. Most of them offer the person who is having a birthday a free dinner on their special day. Why? Because they are coming out with a group and that group is going to spend more then usual.

At Win Win Only we offer 2 different birthday clubs for restaurants because it is THAT important to our clients!

One for attracting new customers to your restaurant, and one for existing customers.

Why would you run a birthday club at your restaurant?

It’s the lowest hanging fruit and by far the best revenue generator that will build bigger and bigger each year you implement it in your restaurant.

You need a birthday club. Here why!

The most obvious reason to have a birthday club is to cater to the customers that love to celebrate their birthday, as your restaurant becomes their destination spot. Birthdays are the most popular occasion to dine out. It’s also one of the most common overlooked marketing systems many restaurants fail to incorporate.


  • More than 70% of Americans eat out on their birthday.
  • Birthday guest spend an average of $78 per table.
  • The average birthday table is a  party is 3-4 people.

Birthday customers are your highest valued customer per transaction.

4 Reasons To Have A Birthday Club:

1) GOODWILL: Customers that dine with you on their birthday bring good will & upbeat energy to your restaurant. It keeps your establishment happier! It also makes your customer happy that you recognize them.

2) GROUPS: Birthday guest seldom dine alone on their birthday and often times they brings groups of friends and family to celebrate with them. The average birthday table is 3-4 people.

3) LOW HANGING FRUIT: more than 70% of all Americans eat out on their birthday. You should be marketing to this group

4) REVENUE MULTIPLIER: The power of just one more visit can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Just think how having multiple customers that dine with you on a daily basis choosing to celebrate at your restaurant instead of your competitor.

At Win Win Only, we can set you up with your own birthday club for your existing customers as well as driving new customers into your restaurant.

What a great first impression it would make if you extended your hand out to your local community and offered people who have upcoming birthdays, a free birthday dinner at YOUR restaurant.

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