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Restaurant Marketing Strategies From Win Win Only

What would a 30% increase in revenue do in your restaurant?

We have specific strategies that can help your restaurant achieve these goals. By combining the efforts of attracting new customers along with increasing the frequency of your current customers you can drive revenue up substantially in a relatively short time.

We provide unique digital marketing solutions for restaurants. If you are looking for a way to increase revenues in your restaurant then our team can help you achieve that.

The Problem We Have Found Is That Most Local Restaurants Do Not Have An In-House Data Capture and Contact Systems

  1. No way to send a text and email to their current customers.
  2. No System to capture the customers important dates like birthdays.
  3. No digital marketing campaigns to secure new customers.
  4. No system to contact existing customers to invite them back to your business.

You Could Send Invite All Your Customers Who Have A Birthday Back to Your Restaurant And It Would Be All Automated!

Next week one of your customers is having a birthday! What if you could automatically follow up with them and invite them in for a FREE Birthday Dinner! ¬†ūüôā ¬†All automated and done through email and texting. Hands off for you!

What If We Could Send You A Steady Stream of New Customers?

All restaurants need new customers . Our external birthday club and coupon system will reach people who have birthdays coming up in the next 7 days and will display YOUR offer for a Free Birthday Dinner. This will drive new customers into your restaurant. They will also be added to your internal customer list once they come in for their FREE Birthday Dinner! Bam! You have a new customer!!

You Could Send Out a Text To All Your Current Customers Right Now?

People now carry their cellphones with them everywhere. They look at their phones regularly and repeatedly. ¬†Let’s suppose it’s a slow Tuesday afternoon at your restaurant and you need customers. You simply send out a broadcast text message to those 1000 people saying if you come in before 5pm and order a drink, then you will give them a free appetizer or whatever you choose to offer.

What If You Could Do All of The Above And Grow Your Business Effectively And Track Everything That Happens?

The Great News is That YOU CAN!!!

Our Company Works With Restaurants Like Yours and Delivers a Complete Solution for Driving New Customers Into Your Business. We Also Build A Database of Your Current Customers in Which You Can Text and Email Them With Special Offers As well as Automating Messages Through Text and Email When They Have a Birthday or Anniversary.

Welcome To Win Win Only Marketing

Our business philosophy is to always have a win win solution. Your return on our services will be greater than your investment. Everything we do is targeted and tracked to bring in more customers, therefore more sales.

Our approach is two fold. We will help you develop and build your in-house customer database which will allow you to send out targeted messages through text and email marketing. This will bring your current customers back with greater frequency, thus increasing revenue for your business.

Secondly, we will can build an external birthday club or coupon program.  This will generate new customers for your business. It is a proven fact by the National Restaurant Association that over 70% of Americans go out to dinner on their birthday. They are also the biggest spender typically. Our specialized system will utilize Facebook to send these birthday customers to your business over and over 24/7.

Need a Surge in Business?

As your customer database expands, you will easily be able to set up a special offer and send it to all your customers in your database in mere minutes.  Maybe Wednesdays are really slow in your restaurant. So Wednesday morning you send an offer for a 2 for one lunch special. At lunchtime, you fill up the tables of your business  using this digital solution. It is easy and HIGHLY profitable.

Let’s Take A Look At The Incredible Features Of This Program!

Simple Interface!

Simple 4 step campaign wizard to quickly deploy campaigns in less than 10 minutes!


One click Broadcast send: Quickly and easily send MMS, SMS, & Email messages all at once!


Capture important customer dates such as anniversary & birthdays and easily send automated trackable offers! (This is a highly profitable)


Build custom coupons and offers with complete trackability, so you can prove results for your clients!



Build customer database in multiple formats: Via form, via keyword, via text patterns, website embed, or QR code!



Brand new SMS logic. Collect vital customer info by creating text flow patterns to collect customer information!



Schedule and send immediate broadcasts to all your customers!


Capture customer phone numbers directly from your website!



Create mobile coupons that actually expire!



Easily add/import subscribers into campaigns!



This is easy enough to manage yourself or you can hire us to fully manage everything on the back end!


Know exactly how your campaigns are doing instantly. All data is available for you to see!

Additionally We Offer 2 Unique Ways To Acquire New Customers!

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