MaxFunnels Is The Click Funnels Killer

Have you seen this new landing page creator and funnels maker?

MaxFunnels was just recently released by the same guys who created 2 other fantastic products called MaxDrive and Kaptiwa. 

I have been shocked at the quality of MaxFunnels and how fantastic it is. I have used it to create a new landing page quickly and the drop and drag functionality of it is amazing.

I have tried many recently launched landing page creators and most of them are abysmal at best. XFunnels was recently re-launched and that is the only other one that is showing promise.

Now, in today's drop and drag editors, probably the biggest hurdle for most of them is the design being responsive. Most of them do NOT render out very well when it comes to going from the desktop to tablet to mobile. Now I would expect some work to be redone going to mobile from desktop view. That is fine. However, it needs to be responsive enough to be able to make a few edits and move on.

With MaxFunnels, this is the case. It renders in mobile beautifully and quickly. I found I had to do very few edits to make it look great on mobile. This is a huge plus. 

There is a lot more to talk about when it comes to MaxFunnels. I am also working on a video review that will be here in a few days.

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