New Calendar Software For Business in 2020

SmartMeeting is a new calendar booking system developed by Satish Gaire. He got sick and tired of paying premium prices and monthly bills from having a calendar system without the features he wanted. So he built his own.

This Smart Meeting Calendar system is designed to free you up from having to book appointments and go back and forth with clients and customers. They simply log onto your calendar, and choice a time and how they want to hold the meeting.

Probably the best part is not only the flexibility but the fact it has built in payment systems. My time is valuable and giving out free advice and time is not business smart. This ends that as they have to make a payment before they book the appointment with you. Thus Smart Meeting 🙂

You can use zoom, gotowebinar, skype and other options for communication for the meeting. Also it ties in with all the major calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook and more.

Additionally you can brand the calendar to your business removing any branding by the software.

We are hoping to also get Meetzippy integrated with the software in the coming weeks.

  • Here are the Premium Features
  • Unlimited # Calendars/Events
  • Calendar Integrations:
  • Google, Outlook, ICloud etc
  • Email & SMS Reminder
  • Embed Calendar To Your site
  • Follow Up Email
  • Stripe/PayPal Integration
  • GoToMeeting/Zoom Automation
  • Via Call/ Skype / In Person
  • Facebook/Instagram Booking Feature With AMP Tech
  • Unlimited # of Events
  • Automatic Timezone Optimization
  • Cancel/Reschedule via SMS
  • Intervals & Block Rules
  • No "Powered by ____" Our branding REMOVED
  • Anlaytics & Power Dashboard

As you can see this is a feature rich and unique booking appointment software.

With the payment integrations  you can set up payment before booking. Love this!

Also through the system it can send out follow up emails and reminders. You can attach files, links, and PDF's to your customer in preperation for the meeting.

With the follow up emails you have a drag and drop email builder that also uses various tags for personalization.

This is a complete whitelabel solution with no powered by links. Step up your level of professionalism in your business with a clean booking interface without showing the calendar system links.

SmartMeeting can be completly booked on your smartphone. Yes it is designed to work on phones as well and it looks fantastic on a phone. Book and cancel and reschedule right from the phone.

You also have the choice to make a particular calendar a paid meeting or a free meeting. It is your choice. So for consulting you might want to get paid up front for your time.

Maybe if you have an exsisting client and you need to go over some thoughts, you want a free meeting.

So the idea is you can have multiple calendars for your business and have options on payments and times.

Look like a pro and go with Smart Meeting. It is part of our software club and you get it as part of your membership at the Imbuyers club.

You can find out more and access through our best digital marketing software deals club.

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